Private Cloud Guide: Security, Control, and Performance

Private Cloud - Server Teardown

We hear more and more about Cloud environments and the continuous contrast, and sometimes rapprochement, between Public Cloud and Private Cloud can confuse ideas. Even if the potential of both solutions, in fact, is gradually convincing every sector, we want to clarify what opportunities are available in an environment of Private Cloud.

What is the Private Cloud? And most importantly, do you need it?

The Private Cloud is a single-tenant cloud environment, in which all hardware and software resources are the exclusive property of each tentant. In fact, this is the main characteristic: all compute, storage and networking resources, both at the hardware and software levels, are assigned exclusively to each customer who uses them.

On the contrary, in a Public Cloud, multi-tenant environment, the same guaranteed resources are available as a service. The user buys and manages only at the VM (virtual machine) level, so he does not understand the hardware level.

We assume that every company that adopts a Private Cloud for its IT infrastructure is a case in its own right, and it would be incomplete to define a”shopping list” for the perfect Private Cloud. So let's see together what are the use cases for choosing a Private Cloud solution.

  • Sensitive data security 
    If you are a company that manages sensitive data, such as personal information, financial data or intellectual property, and you need a highly secure, dedicated and controlled environment capable of reducing the risk of unauthorized access, by choosing a Private Cloud and not sharing servers with other users, you can define your security protocols and have greater guarantees against possible violations.
  • Total control over resources 
    If you need complete control from resources to the configuration of the systems of your virtual environments, thanks to a private cloud environment you can support high workloads and add computing power flexibly when needed.
  • High performance and customization
    If you need high performance without compromising, through a Private Cloud, all the resources of the environment are dedicated entirely to you. This guarantees you quick response times and a user experience without interruption, with high performance and adaptability according to needs.
  • Regulatory compliance
    In the era of GDPR and data privacy, you are more likely to be subject to specific regulations; for this reason, the private cloud environment offers a greater control over processes and data management.
  • Greater Compatibility
    When migrating from a VMware server, for example, it is possible to migrate all applications more easily, reducing transfer times to the new infrastructure.

Taking stock, a Private Cloud environment is definitely the perfect cloud answer for those looking for a powerful and dedicated infrastructure that maintains the flexibility of the cloud. But there's definitely a world beyond that.

What is the structure of CloudFire's Private Cloud?

At the base of every cloud infrastructure are compute, storage and networking resources.

Unlike what happens in Public Cloud What do you think at the level of instances, which you can learn more about in this item, in an environment of Private Cloud Do you think about Cluster.

A Cluster is a group of physical hosts, in turn formed by multiple virtual machines that make the infrastructure itself operational.

Each CloudFire Private Cloud, in fact, is always composed of 1 Cluster with VMware SDDC Suite (VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN and VMware NSX) composed in turn of 3 physical hosts logistically separated and redundant in Tier IV datacenters, however connected by them which, together, form acomplete and fully dedicated private infrastructure.

CloudFire's choice to use a structure with 3 hosts is strategic to ensure the Fault-tolerance of the infrastructure itself: one of the three hosts is Spare, while the other two have distributed resources to work. Thanks to this “reserve” host, in fact, in the event of inaccessibility of one of the other hosts, for any reason, the infrastructure would be moved, manually or automatically, to the third party, keeping it operational and allowing time to fix the inaccessible host.

The great advantage of Private Cloud with CloudFire is, therefore, the possibility of having resources available on demand, in a guaranteed datacenter with the best certifications on the market. Through a single solution, you can therefore obtain a multi-region environment, always available, protected, always connected and highly performing.

Private Cloud CloudFire

Support your Private Cloud with CloudFire Services

Once defined and created, the power of your Private Cloud will be exactly (and possibly with a little margin) the environment you need. To this cluster, in CloudFire, you can scale resources and add hosts if you need them.

In addition, the opportunities for strengthening a Private Cloud are different, and are not limited to just increasing the number of hosts to those already present. Through theCloudFire service ecosystem, in fact, you can add additional functionality to your private cloud environment and seize opportunities such as:

  • Create a S3 bucket in the Cloud and scale the space you need on demand;
  • Make that S3 bucket Immutable;
  • Activate instances in Public Cloud associates for cases such as web services;
  • Protect your data with Veeam Cloud Platform and replicate your backups in the Cloud;
  • Make your environments secure and replicate your data in the cloud thanks to Acronis Cyber Backup;
  • Simplify disaster recovery solutions.

Private Cloud Infrastructure CloudFire with Public Cloud Features


Private Cloud is synonymous with a safe and controlled environment to manage sensitive data, able to ensure regulatory compliance and personalization of resources. With the Private Cloud solution, CloudFire guarantees aalways-available, flexible and fully dedicated VMware SDDC cloud infrastructure. You could therefore benefit from:

  • Completeness of a quality solution with powerful and dedicated cloud computing components;
  • Safety guaranteed and certified of our infrastructures. In fact, in Private Cloud, they are isolated and meet strict certifications and, above all, infrastructures monitored 24 hours a day by the CloudFire SOC;
  • Flexibility in the necessary hosts and their respective computational and storage resources;

The adoption of a Private Cloud it certainly depends on your specific security, control and company performance needs, in addition to any regulations in the sector in which it operates, but if you are curious to know more, contact us!

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