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What is the Internal Developer Platform?

Internal Developer Platform (IDP) is a tool that can standardize the design and configuration of a scalable, secure cloud environment available through a self-service interface for each user. Delegate the configuration of environments and the provisioning of cloud resources to host each application, service, or software. With IDP you get a user-friendly platform from which to manage any activity that would involve high skills and are difficult to mature in the short term.

Who needs IDP and why?

Software Developer

A Software Developer with IDP because he gets a simplified access to development resources, a isolated environment to test new features or bug fixes and a tool for collaboration and code sharing efficient.

Operations Engineer

An Operations Engineer with IDP because he has tools available for automate management activities of infrastructure, such as provisioning and configuring resources, monitor the infrastructure Same and guarantee a continuous deployment and stability of the distributions.

DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Engineer through an IDP automates software release, manages infrastructure as code using configuration files, Container orchestra and manages network services ensuring availability and scalability of applications distributed on clusters.

Product Manager

A Product Manager with IDP uses tools and dashboards that allow for greater vvisibility on the status of projects, traceability of changes to the code and requirements and platforms of communication and collaboration for effective and shared communication between cross-functional teams.

Quality Assurance Engineer

A QA Engineer with Internal Developer Platform requires frameworks and tools for automate tests, analyze test defects and create test reports and replicable test environments.

Security Engineer

A Security Engineer with IDP Code security scan to identify and resolve vulnerabilities in the source code, including static and dynamic scanners, manages credentials and logins to critical resources and monitor threats and analyze vulnerabilities.

Data Engineer

A Data Engineer with IDP gets a simplified access to data including data warehouses, databases and cloud storage services, a tool for creating and managing automated data pipelines, for the ingestion, processing and analysis of data in real time and monitors query performance.

Cortex is your Internal Developer Platform

Cortex is CloudFire's Internal Developer Platform that provides everything you need to create and distribute software, solutions and technologies in an as-a-service mode. What you need to do is select the product or solution package that best meets your needs.

Veeam Cloud Platform functionality scheme


Improve developer productivity

By providing tools and automating manual tasks, developers can spend more time writing code.

Speed up software release

With the right tools, developers can deploy changes and new features more quickly.

Increase software quality

IDP helps ensure code consistency and reliability by implementing standards and automated procedures.

Improve collaboration

IDP facilitates collaboration between developers, allowing them to share code, resources, and best practices.