Cloud Interconnect

Fast connectivity as a Service everywhere

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Connect and access IT infrastructures everywhere and in a high-performance way

Use a service of Network as a Service (NaaS) to connect directly between company offices, data centers, clouds, applications through a private, high-performance network as a service.

Access a private interconnection to all Infrastructure as a Service services, both Public and Private, locally, regionally or around the world using a high-performance network.

Cloud Interconnect CloudFire

With Cloud Interconnect you get

High-performance internet access

Access the best technology in terms of performance and reliability thanks to Wholesale MultiOperator agreements

Connectivity everywhere and for every device

High-performance connectivity between devices, applications, clouds, offices, corporate offices, and data centers

Real-time management and control

Network activation and configuration in minutes and flexible bandwidth to meet your business needs

Private and secure connectivity

Avoid the public Internet and protect your business-critical applications and workloads

Choose your private interconnection to IaaS

Cloud Extension - Layer 2

Extend your Layer 2 connection and privately access your cloud infrastructure in secure mode and eliminating the cost of the GB transferred. Take advantage of a private, direct and secure connection between your data center and your Cloud Provider in as a Service mode.

Cloud Extension Layer 2 CloudFire
CloudFire Layer 3 Cloud Router

Cloud Router - Layer 3

Create a web Full Mesh in as-a-service mode between different Public Clouds, SaaS applications, IoT devices, corporate offices and allow network traffic to rely on advanced routing, optimizing its routing and a simplified configuration.

Combine performance and agility with your connectivity

Get reliable, secure, and scalable Internet connectivity. Extend the benefits of a multi-cloud interconnection to the corporate network, using the best available technology.

CloudFire Private Connectivity

Fast and easy network configuration

Enhanced security for your peace of mind

High quality for uncompromising performance

Flexibility for tailor-made connectivity



What is Cloud Interconnect?

Cloud Interconnect is a CloudFire Network as a Service (NaaS) service that allows you to connect any Public Cloud, Datacenter and any location connected to the Internet to a secure and performing private network.

What are the advantages of Cloud Interconnect?

The advantages of Cloud Interconnect are:

  • High-performance and reliable Internet access;

  • Connectivity everywhere and for every device;

  • Real-time management and control;

  • Private and secure connectivity;

  • Private interconnection to public clouds.

What are the costs of Cloud Interconnect?

Cloud Interconnect costs vary based on your specific needs. Contact us for a personalized quote.