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Passion helps you achieve excellence, supports perseverance and improvement and allows you to innovate.


Responsibility helps us to understand that we are part of something bigger and more complex than the specific role; it is the engine for the growth of the group as a whole.


Collaboration makes it easy to combine skills and knowledge with other talents to achieve common goals.

Become part of CloudFire, a unique company like you

CloudFire is growing rapidly, creating cutting-edge solutions driven by a strong sense of curiosity and responsibility. We are passionate about innovation and are committed to offering, both to our customers and to the members of our Team, challenging and ambitious projects related to the Cloud Native world.
Every member of the CloudFire Team is unique and plays a critical role in achieving the objectives.

Competenza e passione dei collaboratori CloudFire per raggiungere i risultati

What do you get?

Flexibility everywhere

In schedules, in workplaces and in teams. We prefer a flexible environment to grow new ideas, new stimuli and achieve goals!

Ongoing training

We believe that the peer-to-peer sharing is essential, so we provide you with training courses and certifications on the best technologies in circulation and support for growth.

Tools of the trade

To innovate, you need a solid foundation, so you'll have a Dell or Mac workstation available and all the necessary tools to be used daily! You will put in your passion and enthusiasm!

Corporate welfare

Get Benefit flexible to take care of your personal well-being and that of your family and compose the package of goods and services that can be right for you.

Let's satisfy your hunger!

We want to satiate yours hunger for knowledge thanks to unprecedented technologies and solutions, targeted insights and skilled colleagues who will be able to direct you to the best path of growth.

Creative freedom

We embrace challenges with energy and enthusiasm in all projects. If you have any ideas to propose, let's talk about them together and see if it's applicable.

Onboarding process

Let's read your CV

Your CV will be read by the Head of the Team to which you apply and by the HR Business Partner. If we think we can respond to your interests, we will contact you to schedule a meeting.

Let's meet live

We are at CloudFire headquarters or remotely for a live chat with the Team Manager and management.

Concrete proposal

If our mutual interest is still confirmed, it will be time to share with you a concrete proposal in terms of economic and professional growth.

Fasten your seatbelts, you're part of CloudFire!

If everything went according to expectations (of both), your first step will be a meeting with our Coach who will help you discover how to explode your talents in CloudFire!

Be part of CloudFire

Finding a peaceful and welcoming work environment is very important. This is why at CloudFire we take care of the work environment by regularly organizing Team Building activities to improve collaboration, communication and discover new ways to be a Team.

Foto aziendale CloudFire
CloudFire Team Building
CloudFire Team Building
CloudFire Team Building
CloudFire Team Building

Open positions

Software Developer

Interested in developing the technologies and interface that drive our Cloud platform? Join us: we work hard, we have fun and we write code!

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DevOps/Platform Engineer

Interested in being part of the beating heart of technological innovation at CloudFire? Join us: we work hard, we have fun and we innovate!

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Cloud Engineer

Interested in responding promptly to requests for cloud infrastructure and services? Join us: we work hard, we have fun and we solve problems!

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Cloud Sales Manager

Interested in building new collaborations with customers and partners? Join us: we work hard, we have fun and we accelerate IT innovation through the Cloud!

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