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Protecting data effectively is an ongoing challenge, especially considering regulatory requirements, growing cyber threats, and budget constraints. Through a Managed Backup Delegate the system And the backup-related operations to a team of experts that guarantees a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week coverage.

Concentrate your energy

Free your IT staff from time-consuming jobs and focus your resources on your core business.

Rely on expertise

Trust CloudFire and our validated partners to take advantage of a high-performance managed backup.

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Easily adapt your backup and management needs based on the growth of each reality, without surprises on invoices.

How does Managed Backup work?

Soluzione di backup interamente gestita
Do you prefer to manage your backups yourself?

Discover the solutions of Backup as a Service available in Cortex. Replicate, archive and restore data independently with the Backup & Replication service that's right for you.

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Why choose a Managed Backup?

Software installation

The implementation, software maintenance, including backup & replication policy management, are not your responsibility.

Dedicated support

Management, support, troubleshooting and restores, corrupt backups are managed by the provider.

Continuous monitoring

Job backups and replicas are continuously monitored in real time.

Verification and control

Free yourself from resource control, integrity verification and tenant configuration, we'll take care of it.



What is Managed Backup?

Managed Backup is a backup service managed by a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who creates, stores and manages the backup of your data for you.

What's the difference between Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Managed Backup?

Backup as a Service is a service in which the provider provides backup functionality from an intuitive platform. You manage and activate the backup yourself. Find out more about our Backup as a Service. Managed Backup, on the other hand, is a managed service in which the Managed Service Provider takes care of management and monitoring on your behalf, freeing you from maintenance and management costs.

Is Managed Backup as scalable as BaaS?

Yes, managed backups are as scalable as backups as a service because the services offered by CloudFire. In both cases, the available solutions are Veeam Cloud Platform, Acronis Cyber Backup and Storware. The difference is that in the Managed Backup proposal, operations are managed by a team of professionals who monitor and generate alerts related to storage capacity or bandwidth, allowing you to scale in the way you want.

Do Managed Backups help reduce IT maintenance burden?

Yes, managed backup services help to significantly reduce internal maintenance expenses, be sure of reliable and secure backups, eliminate the risk of backups suspended due to space issues.