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Qboxmail Email Hosting and Delivery for communication at the highest levels

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Transform Email Management into the Cloud

Qboxmail® revolutionize the way you manage emails, offering a Advanced Web App For a professional and intuitive management. Work collaboratively, maximize productivity, and benefit from customized options and advanced security. With Qbox Email by CloudFire, you get a valid alternative to Microsoft 365® for companies that are looking for a dynamic email solution at competitive costs, ensuring the flexibility of a dedicated mail server and the power of the cloud.

Qbox Email Hosting

With a unified console, easily manage email accounts on multiple domains, offering autonomy to collaborators and customers in a secure and private environment. The service of Email Hosting than Qboxmail® allows customers to fully manage their email accounts, from configuration to technical support.

Qbox® Email Hosting
Qboxmail® Email Delivery

Qbox Email Delivery

Send large volumes of transactional and promotional emails with Email Delivery than Qboxmail®. Use the SMTP protocol directly from your favorite software, such as an e-commerce or marketing application, without any complications.

Communicate professionally and securely with Qbox Email Hosting

In the Qbox Email cloud suite find various features that complete and make it professional to safely manage emails, business calendars and much more.

Qboxmail® Features
Mail Time Machine
Web Email
Email Archive
Email Security

Mailboxes up to 100 GB

Compatible with POP, IMAP, SMTP and Webmail protocols

Antispam and Antivirus for every box

Automatic backup

SPF DKIM and DMARC domain reputation management

Integration via API

Exchange ActiveSync

Log analysis through Tracemail

Why choose Qbox Email?

Pay per usage

The costs are closely linked to consumption, you only pay for active services

Integrated email security

All the boxes have integrated an Email Security system against Malware, Phishing, Spam and other malicious material

Centralized email management

A single control panel for managing email accounts

Automatic backup

Access the backups, of the user's email accounts, made in the last 15 days, to restore messages.



What is Qbox Email?

Qbox Email is the Qbox service® available with CloudFire that includes two macro functionalities: Qbox Email Hosting and Qbox Email Delivery. Qbox Email Hosting is the powerful and secure email hosting service with features such as advanced antispam, virus protection, IMAP/POP3 access, and an intuitive administration console, while Qbox Email Delivery is the useful service for sending large volumes of transactional and promotional emails, through the SMTP protocol.

How does Qbox Email Hosting work?

The Qboxmail Email Hosting service allows you to easily create and manage personalized email boxes with your domain, access emails from any device and use an intuitive user interface for managing emails and distribution lists.

Can I manage and send promotional and transactional emails in large volumes?

Yes, using Qbox Email Delivery you can send large volumes of emails efficiently and reliably, optimize delivery thanks to the dedicated SMTP engine, monitor performance and manage IP addresses.

Can I recover an email deleted by mistake?

Yes, with Qbox Email you can archive and access emails sent in the last 7 days, recover them independently using Mail Time Machine.

How can I migrate all my email accounts to Qbox Email Hosting?

The Qbox Email control panel provides you with a powerful system for migrating email boxes from the old to the new server. Just upload a CSV file consisting of two fields “email address”, “password” and specify the IP address of the server from which to retrieve old emails. The control panel will take care of creating accounts and transferring emails from the old to the new server. Remember that for the import of old emails, IMAP access must be enabled on the old server.

Can I lose emails during the migration from the previous vendor to you?

During the migration, some emails may not be delivered correctly due to DNS propagation.

Do Aliases have a cost?

No, only activated email boxes have a cost, both Email Alias and Alias Domains are free. However, customers are required to maintain a 10 to 1 ratio or 10 Email Alias for each activated Email Account and 10 Alias Domains for each real Domain created.