Unified Communication: which key characteristics to evaluate

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The tools of Unified Communication they offer incredible value to every type of company.

Organizational side, Unified Communication solutions allow you to configure and manage all communication resources in a more effective and efficient way. On the user side, on the other hand, they help you to communicate and collaborate in a unified way and with any device connected to the internet thanks to chats, calls, video conferences, document sharing and much more.

However, entering the world of UC and choosing the right solution can be particularly Challenger: there are different factors to evaluate and, to date, there are various solutions on the market. Furthermore, as a rule, once a solution has been found that can meet your needs, it is difficult to replace it.

What to look for in every Unified Communication and Collaboration solution?

In this article, I intend to compare the characteristics of Unified Communication tools that you should consider when choosing, and highlight how, precisely by their nature, they could be easily replaced with each other.

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1. Choose a flexible and scalable UC solution

As data continues to grow, finding a scalable UC platform is critical. Business changes are the order of the day and, as a result, communication must also be just as flexible. In fact, a UC tool must be highly editable depending on the situation, whether it concerns the devices or the users.

The great benefit of using a UC solution is its ability to quickly unify globally distributed communication resources. For this reason, the best systems are those that are able to integrate various tools and devices from different suppliers.

2. Look for simplicity in UC services

The easier it is to access and use a platform, the more value you'll get from your investment. Look for a solution with a clear and direct user interface, with different solutions for supervisors, end users and IT teams.

The best UC tools should relieve you of tasks such as provisioning, patching, and data retrieval. So look for and use such a solution.

3. Versatility cannot be lacking in your communication

Smart-working and relocation have certainly changed business communication. A Unified Communication tool supports these changes by providing an intuitive platform, within which it is possible move easily between devices, managing communication in a flexible and fluid way. For example, I have the option to call on a web client and, at the same time, open a chat on my smartphone.

Only if the Unified Communication tool is able to offer such versatility can it be considered a good choice for productivity and internal organization.

4. Don't be surprised by the rates

The title is quite explanatory, what characterizes a cloud Unified Communication tool is also the clarity of the fees and tariffs. Don't be surprised or restricted by lock-in offers, choose a pay-per-usage model to be free to pay only for the actual resources consumed.

5. Ensure dedicated and clear assistance

Another variable to consider certainly concerns the assistance of the chosen solution. IT IS When the going gets tough what do the tough guys start playing, for this reason it is good to evaluate support in case of problems. Rely on a Certified team that guarantees answers and resolutions in a clear and direct way is not so trivial, so it is good to take it into account.

The Next Gen Unified Communication tool is Talky Time

As many as listed so far, are the characteristics reasonably necessary for a performing Unified Communication tool. Clearly, each reality is different, with different needs and, in this regard, it is not always easy to find the solution that fits perfectly.

Talky Time, on the other hand, with its components of Sip Account and Direct Routing, is the Unified Communication tool able to respond to every need and reality. Why?

  • Talky Time is supple and, by its nature, stretchy in the management and activation of resources such as numbering, Sip Accounts and Direct Routing users.
  • Talky Time has a management interface uncomplicated Ed intuitive. The goal of Talky Time is to simplify business communication, so from the platform you can easily request national and international numbers, activate Sip accounts for your switchboards, activate integration with the Microsoft Teams® suite in a few clicks so, without the need for support, waiting or physical intervention.
  • Talky Time is a tool versatile and modulate. It is not necessary to activate every feature, but to activate only what you need. Once you activate your SIP account, for example, and Direct Routing, you can communicate and collaborate anywhere with any device.
  • Talky Time is Pay per Usage. Its self-service activation does not involve a start-up cost, in addition to totally transparent billing, guaranteeing you competitiveness and monitoring of your consumption.
  • Talky Time also guarantees dedicated assistance. It is a service entirely developed by CloudFire, which allows us to support you at any time or problem.

In summary, Talky Time is a true Unified Communication suite able to respond to certain needs in a flexible way and leaving you free to design and organize business communication as you please, without having to give up any solutions used.

If you want to know more take a look hither or contact us.

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