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No compromise for the protection of your data in the Cloud, we choose the best Italian Data Centers

Hyper Reliability

Scale out approach to the resources in use to ensure flexibility and scalability.


The network interconnections of the CloudFire infrastructure are guaranteed with the major national and international carriers.


All environments are protected by powerful security systems and Tier IV certificates.


The infrastructure is geographically located in Italy to ensure greater guarantee of resilience.

Data protection

Your data is safe. We comply with the GDPR and the ISO 9001 and 27001 guidelines for maximum protection.

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Every Region It corresponds to a independent and certified Italian data center and it offers specific hardware, dedicated network and advanced security measures. It is possible to interconnect the different regions and create a widespread infrastructure throughout the Italian territory.
To guarantee the data sovereignty of each service, we choose the best Italian data centers that respect Compliance specifications, a robust power and connectivity infrastructure And a highly qualified personnel.

Network interconnects with Carrier TIER1

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