Kubernetes Disaster Recovery

Ensure the business continuity of your Kubernetes clusters

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Disaster Recovery is critical for protecting Kubernetes clusters

An effective Disaster Recovery tool for Kubernetes clusters is critical for mitigating the risks and impacts of unexpected events. By protecting data, ensuring service continuity, and simplifying the recovery process specific to Kubernetes clusters, businesses can safeguard their reputation, compliance, and long-term success.

Protect your Kubernetes environment from

Loss of data
Interruption of service
Complexity of recovery
Compliance violation
Damage to reputation

How does Disaster Recovery for Kubernetes work?

The Disaster Recovery of a Kubernetes environment depends on the choice of Recovery Time Object (RTO) to define the synchronization and backup time of Kasten, and of the Recovery Point Object (RPO) to measure the time tolerance between interruption and resumption of activities. Kubernetes Disaster Recovery, through Veeam's Kasten K10, allows each user to:

Backup files contained in ETCD

Kasten K10 backs up ETCD, the archive element of: declarative files, cluster states, pod configuration, nodes and services themselves.

Replication to an S3 bucket outside the cluster

Kasten K10 replicates the backups of the files contained in ETCD to an S3 bucket external to the source cluster.

Cluster restore

In case of need, thanks to the sending of the backed up declarative files by kube-apiserver to the control plane, Kasten K10 restores the operation and the data contained within the cluster.

Struttura Kubernetes Disaster Recovery

How do I choose a Kubernetes Disaster Recovery tool?

Evaluating the ability to protect persistent data and stateful applications

Ensuring that automatic recovery and failover minimize downtime

Choosing a solution that complies with industry regulations

Opting for tools that are easy to use and simplify the recovery process

Kasten K10 isn't just Disaster Recovery

Migrate Kubernetes clusters to new environments
Restore clusters from human or software errors
Test cluster resilience