vSphere as a Service

VMware SDDC Private Cloud always available and flexible

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The quality of a VMware® SDDC Private Cloud Ready to use

It combines the power of adedicated Cloud infrastructure Alla suppleness Of the cloud with vSphere as a Service.

Through VMware® SDDC technology, you are able to reap the best benefits of combining the two solutions and focusing on the use of applications, delegating deploy, update and configuration to the CloudFire team of experts.

The impact on your business if you choose VMware and vSphere as a Service

Unlimited managed VMware cluster

vSphere as a Service exploits the full potential of the leader in the Software-Defined Data Center sector VMware and guarantees levels of quality and excellence, achieving high-value IT results. Access all dedicated cloud computing components necessary for your infrastructure such as: processing, networking, storage and security, each redundant in a Tier IV datacenter and completely fault tolerant.

VMware Private Cloud VMware CloudFire Cluster
Scalable Vmware Private Cloud

Freedom and scalability: Cloud without constraints

vSphere as a Service is the right choice to increase The efficiency and renew your IT infrastructure. Focus on operational management, and entrust the CloudFire Team from design to maintenance. Optimize costs by taking advantage of pre-packaged solutions and reduce competitiveness by choosing a non-binding service. It also adopts software licenses for your operating systems without constraints in a flexible and scalable way.

Elastic Scale-up

The components of VMware® Vsphere Enterprise plus, linked to the scalability of vSAN in a next-generation datacenter, allow unlimited scalability. By choosing pre-established hardware flavors, it is possible to add and remove computational hosts and storage without any constraint based on the infrastructure load.

Cloud availability and security for every application

The internal resources of vSphere as a Service are totally administrator user properties, this involves flexibility and power that is always more than sufficient to deal with changes in peak load.
Not to mention the security of a Private Cloud solution like this, monitored 24 hours a day by the CloudFire SOC, which guarantees continuous availability of its services and data. Your applications are and remain accessible at all times and your critical data is always protected.

Hardware specifications

VMware SDDC Suite: VMware vSphere, vSAN, NSX

Automated deployment and infrastructure available “in a minute”

Tier-IV Datacenter, Multiple Availability Zone and Unlimited Internet Bandwidth

Software-Defined Storage with vSAN Technology

Access the virtual infrastructure with Administrator account

Compatibility with advanced disaster recovery systems such as Zerto

vSphere Enterprise Plus and vSAN licenses included

Dynamic network management through VMware NSX technologies



What is vSphere as a Service?

vSphere as a Service is CloudFire's Private Cloud service based on VMware vSphere. It allows companies to efficiently manage your virtualized IT resources and provides a secure and reliable environment for running critical business applications.

What are the components of vSphere as a Service?

vSphere as a Service includes an entire managed VMware cluster useful for creating and managing a private cloud environment. The hardware resources, which you own, are virtualized and aggregated into a single pool of resources, which, in turn, can be dynamically allocated based on the company's workload needs.

What are the key advantages of vSphere as a Service compared to on-premise solutions?

vSphere as a Service offers:

  • Scalability: expand or reduce your resources as needed;

  • Flexibility: customize the cloud environment to your specific needs;

  • Advanced security: protect your sensitive data with strict security measures;

  • Cost reduction: eliminates investment and hardware maintenance costs;

  • Reliability: enjoy a stable and performing cloud environment;

  • Support from an experienced partner: CloudFire supports you in managing your VMware cluster.

What are the main advantages of vSphere as a Service (Private Cloud) compared to Public Cloud solutions?

vSphere as a Service (Private Cloud) offers:

  • Greater control and personalization compared to Public Cloud solutions, such as Openstack as a Service. You can customize your cloud environment based on your specific needs;

  • Safety: you can implement additional customized security policies;

  • Dedicated infrastructure: take advantage of an entirely dedicated Cloud infrastructure. In the Public Cloud, on the other hand, the infrastructure remains shared.

Does vSphere as a Service support the migration of existing applications?

Yes, vSphere as a Service supports the migration of existing applications to the cloud environment. VMware provides tools and services to simplify the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition of critical business applications.

How is data security guaranteed on vSphere as a Service?

vSphere as a Service implements strict security measures to protect sensitive company data. These include data encryption, role-based access controls, activity monitoring, and advanced protection against cyberthreats.

What support options are available for vSphere as a Service?

vSphere as a Service offers several support options, which may include 24/7 technical support, proactive infrastructure management, and regular software updates. Users can choose the level of support that best suits their business needs.

Is vSphere as a Service suitable for all sizes of businesses?

Yes, vSphere as a Service is suitable for a wide range of business sizes, from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprise companies. Its scalability and flexibility capabilities allow companies to adapt the service to their constantly evolving needs.