Bare Metal as a Service

Bare Metal dedicated and available as a service in certified and secure datacenters

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Deploy powerful, dedicated servers in certified datacenters in minutes

Don't adapt to the cloud, adapt the cloud to your needs. It supports legacy applications, high volumes, data-driven environments, and hybrid, cloud native or multicloud ecosystems with Bare Metal as a Service. Get the speed, simplicity, pay-per-usage billing, and security of a secure, fully hosted server.

Dedicated servers and No Noisy Neighbors
Total control of your bare metal
Flexibility and scalability
Choice between multiple configurations
Bare Metal as a Service representation
Bare Metal as a Service for Kubernetes
Safety and reliability
Ease of use
Power of Bare Metal and Kubernetes

When to use Bare Metal as a Service?

Compute-intensive applications

Resource-intensive applications often require direct access to hardware, maximum reliability and high performance, so the use of Bare Metal as a Service is perfect.

Mission-critical environments

For an IT infrastructure that is always up and running, even in the event of load peaks or hardware failures, BMaaS offers a high level of security and isolation for your mission-critical data.

Specific security requirements

For a secure and compliant environment for your sensitive data, BMaaS provides advanced security tools such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other protection measures.

Legacy server migration

BMaaS offers an environment compatible with your legacy systems and offers a simple and fast migration process, with a minimum of interruption for your users.

Environments for K8S

The installation of Kubernetes usually requires special performance requirements, with specific technical data sheets that are perfectly available on Bare Metal as a Service.



BMaaS or IaaS: What's the difference?

THEIaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is a cloud computing model where storage, computing, and network resources are available on demand through an IaaS provider, such as CloudFire. The BMaaS (Bare Metal as a Service) can be considered a subcategory of IaaS that involves access to dedicated servers, or bare metal, without pre-installed operating systems or virtualization infrastructures. Those who use Bare Metal as a Service have access to the physical components of on-premise or remote servers. Unlike the traditional cloud model, where multiple users (multi-tenancy) can be on the same physical server within the cloud vendor's data center, bare metal servers admit only one customer on the server (single tenant).

How does Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS) server provisioning work?

Provisioning BMaaS servers is an automated process:

  • Select server specifications: choose CPU, RAM, storage and network;

  • The provider starts provisioning: configure the server according to your needs;

  • Get full access to the server: start using it for your applications.

Why should I install Kubernetes on bare metal?

Here are a few reasons:

  • High performance: make the most of server resources for computationally intensive applications;

  • Full control: customize the environment to meet your specific needs;

  • Flexibility: uses special network cards and hardware not available on virtual clouds;

  • Optimized costs: save on virtualization costs for long-term workloads;

  • Kubernetes as a hypervisor: you can use K8S as a VM orchestrator with projects like oVirt or Kubevirt.