OpenStack as a Service

IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service for every business critical application

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All the cloud resources for a high-performance, dynamic and flexible IaaS

Respond at any time to your every request for cloud computing resources for your constantly evolving applications.

Get the best cloud resources on demand with a As-a-service infrastructure based on OpenStack. Maximize performance of your applications, allocating only the necessary resources and optimizing costs of data center infrastructure with a solution that integrates perfectly with your current ecosystem.

Give strength to the infrastructure: choose the core of your IaaS

Choose from a list of Flavors the characteristics of the cloud computing resources you need and get the best architecture suitable for your application. The resources are 100% guaranteed, hosted in certified data centers and away from episodes of noisy neighbors.

General Purpose CPU

Choose a flavor designed for Enterprise applications where cloud efficiency and availability meet cost-effectiveness and performance optimization.

Hardware specifications


1 to 32 vCPUs


1 to 192 GB of RAM

Processor type

2.1GHz Intel Xeon Gold on Dell PowerEdge hardware

Type of storage

Direct Attached Storage and Scalable Storage


200 to 3200 Mbps

vCPU: RAM ratio


Hardware specifications


2 to 64 vCPUs


4 to 370 GB of RAM

Processor type

3.0 GHz Intel Xeon Gold on Dell PowerEdge hardware

Type of storage

Direct Attached Storage and Scalable Storage


200 to 3200 Mbps

vCPU: RAM ratio


CPU Optimized

Choose a flavor designed for mission-critical applications sensitive to latencies, with maximum performance and with the latest generation CPU.

Store your data: define your IaaS Storage

Store your data in a solution of Software-defined storage of the latest generation. Get data redundancy and reliability for all instances that need secure and always available data access. Choose from various types of Storage: Multi-Tier Block Storage, for instances that need block storage access and Scalable Object Storage for Cloud Storage access for Cloud Native applications.

IaaS CloudFire - Scalable Block Storage
Resilient and fault tolerant
Multi Tier Block & Object Storage
Performing and with transparent costs

Manage the cloud network in a simple and secure way: choose Networking

Define and manage your IaaS network in a simple and dynamic world, design Networks on any Subnet without any limits. Connect subnets to the Internet through a virtual router and manage security policies through the service management interface. Activate Hybrid Cloud infrastructures in a simple way through the VPN as a service service.

Virtual Private Network

Implement 10 Gigabit private networks free of charge within the project on any IP address of your choice.

Floating IP or Direct Access

Possibility to connect any instance to the Internet via Floating IP (router) or in Direct Access mode directly on a public subnet.

Distributed virtual router

Connect private networks to the Internet in fault-tolerant mode.

Flat Internet Band

Internet bandwidth available in flat mode on multiple denominations with a guaranteed minimum bandwidth of 100%.

Jumbo Frame

Internet subnets natively support Jumbo Frames at MTU 9280.


Define the network model that best suits your addressing and subnet needs.


Define at the level of each instance the control and traffic policies to be applied, both internal and external

Full control

Through a special management panel, you get a summary of all traffic policies for complete and real-time control.

No additional cost

The cloud firewall is available within the service at no additional cost.

VPN as a Service

Create an ipsec VPN tunnel on any type of traffic.


The infrastructure intercepts and mitigates denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against Public Cloud instances.

Network Appliance

It houses network security appliances such as Palo Alto, Cisco, Fortigate and Sonicwall and other market-leading brands of security solutions.

Load Balancer (coming soon)

Get load balancer functionality to distribute workloads across multiple instances.

Loghi Sonicwall, Fortinet, Cisco, Paloalto

Why OpenStack as a Service?

Flexible to your needs

Reserve, obtain and modify in complete autonomy the cloud infrastructure components of Compute, Storage and Networking independently from an intuitive interface.

Cloud billing transparent

No minimum amount and installation costs, each component is available in pay-per-usage mode. You only pay for the resources you use.

Secure and reliable infrastructure

Get a constantly updated and secure service for each application thanks to automatic security patches with no impact on users.



What is Openstack as a Service (OaaS)?

Openstack as a Service (OaaS) is a service of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) of CloudFire based on Openstack technology and available in Cortex. It offers the possibility of have and manage all the resources necessary for an IT infrastructure, such as virtual servers, storage, networking, and operating systems, in pay per use and self-service.

Where does my data reside in Openstack as a Service?

Your data resides and comes Redundant in CloudFire Datacenters, located on national and European territory. Datacenters are guaranteed and certified by the best security and data protection measures. Learn more about our Datacenters.

Why choose Openstack as a Service over an on-premise infrastructure?

Openstack as a Service offers several advantages over on-premise:

  • Velocity: resources are available in a few minutes.

  • Performance and resilience: high performance and resilience in execution.

  • Reliability: reliability of resources thanks to numerous redundancies.

  • Competitive costs: pay-per-use costs, closely linked to consumption.

  • Scalability: potentially limitless scalability.

Who is responsible for what in an IaaS service?

The user is responsible for implementation, maintenance, and application support hosted. CloudFire is responsible for infrastructure maintenance. Discover our model of Shared Responsibility.

Is Openstack as a Service pricing pay per usage?

Yes, the pricing model is Pay per use. The costs depend on the resources used, such as the number of server instances, storage space, and network traffic.

Can I migrate my existing applications to Openstack as a Service?

Yes, most existing applications can be migrated to Openstack as a Service. It is important to plan the migration carefully and ensure that the resources are properly sized and that all necessary dependencies and configurations have been considered. Contact CloudFire for advice.

Is Openstack as a service suitable for all sizes of businesses?

Yes, Openstack as a Service is suitable for companies of all sizes and sectors, from SMEs to large Enterprise companies. Its scalability and flexibility make it possible to adapt the service to your needs.

Why choose CloudFire as your IaaS provider?

Because CloudFire offers a complete and easy-to-use IaaS platform:

  • Compatibility: Openstack as a Service is compatible with any Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool;

  • Integration: Openstack as a Service can be integrated with other cloud providers, opening up to the world;

  • Transparency: Openstack as a Service and CloudFire services have clear and transparent costs.