S3 Scalable Object Storage

Scalable, high-performance, and secure Object Storage available on demand

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Make data archiving simple and reliable with Scalable Object Storage

Tackle the increase in data by integrating cloud storage. Edit the space you need on demand and achieve multi-cloud interoperability thanks to its compatibility with the S3 protocol. Easily access and browse your data, thanks to the architecture and horizontal management of Object Storage it becomes child's play.

Compliance and Security for your data

We protect your data without compromise. We rely on certified Datacenters and, ourselves, we maintain certifications that confirm our continuous commitment to data security.

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Hardware specifications

Data availability

Up to 99.9%

Data durability


Types of storage

NVMe SSDs, SSDs and HDDs

Network infrastructure

Up to 100 Gb/s output

Supported customers

Any S3 compatible client

Data protection

Cancellation coding

When do I use scalable object storage?

Big Data Archiving

To store large amounts of unstructured data such as logs, sensitive data, and documents.


To protect your data immutably.
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Cloud Native Support

It's the perfect storage for microservice-based and cloud-native applications.

Off-site archiving

To store Backup & Disaster Recovery files off-site securely and accessible from any location.

Media Dissemination

To share media without limits and infrastructure concerns.

AI and ML

For fast, low-latency, and predictable access to AI and ML applications.

Why choose Scalable Object Storage?


In the face of any unexpected event, your data is resilient, ensuring your business continuity.

Distribution and scalability

Its scalability allows a better distribution of microservice-based applications.

Data sovereignty

Data efficiency and sovereignty guaranteed by CloudFire certifications and qualifications.

Clarity of costs

The pricing of Scalable Object Storage has no surprises, the costs are predictable and clear.



What is Scalable Object Storage?

Scalable Object Storage is CloudFire's object storage, based on Ceph and optimized for ingesting large amounts of data, highly scalable and allows the storage, potentially unlimited, of any type of file.

What are the differences between Object Storage and Block Storage?

  • Object Storage organizes data as “objects” with associated metadata and is ideal for scalable storage of large amounts of unstructured data;

  • Block Storage Instead, it stores data in numbered blocks and is suitable for archiving structured data and for use with traditional operating systems and file systems.

Scalable Object Storage is Ceph based, what advantages do I have?

With Ceph technology, open source software-defined storage, you can take advantage of unlimited scalability, high availability, data durability, high performance, and competitive pricing. Plus, you'll have the ability to easily store, protect, and access your data.

Do transfers with Scalable Object Storage have a cost?

No, with Scalable Object Storage, transfers are free. The cost of the service is related only to the space occupied by the data.

Why is object storage scalable?

Object Storage is scalable because it is based on the concept of 'scale-out'. It can then be easily scaled up by adding more nodes to the system without interrupting the service. This increases storage capacity and load management capacity efficiently, while ensuring reliable and consistent performance even with large volumes of data.

CloudFire's Scalable Object Storage is S3 Compatible. What does it mean?

It means that it supports the Amazon S3 APIs. You can then use Scalable Object Storage with tools, libraries and applications designed to interact with Amazon S3 without the need for significant changes. This makes Scalable Object Storage compatible, flexible, and interoperable with most cloud architectures.