Acronis Cyber Backup

Backup and Cyber Protection for all workloads

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Acronis cyber protect integrated cloud: the new concept of Backup & Security

Protect business data, simply and reliably, by relying on Acronis Cyber Backup. Secure your workloads by integrating a Backup as a Service functional and intuitive to the functionality of Cyber Security advanced. Simplify the monitoring and management of your off-site backups with increasingly distributed and flexible IT infrastructures and workloads through a single BaaS solution.


Agents for Red Hat, KVM, Oracle, Citrix, VMware and Hyper-V

Agent for AWS, GCP, Azure and Openstack

Agents for physical servers and workstations both Windows, Linux and Mac

Agentless for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, VMware Host, Hyper-V host

Cyber Security algorithms such as vulnerability assessment and security patches

Flexible storage: NAS, SAN, Tapes, or any cloud infrastructure

Advanced Security, Backup, Management, DR, DLP, EDR, Email Security

Multi-tenat management, monitoring and reporting

Even more Backup and Advanced Cyber Security features

Add other powerful components to strengthen your protection thanks to advanced protection packages, based on Artificial Intelligence, and exclusive Cyber Protection features.

Security and EDR

With EDR Simplify the endpoint security. EDR Detects, Analyzes, and Corrects instantly advanced attacks, ensuring unparalleled business continuity.

Advanced Management

Automate routine operations through scripting and promptly correct flaws in the security of customer infrastructure thanks to Patch Management.

Disaster Recovery

Make disaster recovery painless and Increase efficiency with the orchestration, the runbooks and the automatic failover. Get customers up and running in minutes by instantly restarting systems on any destination.

Email Security

Block in a few seconds all the threats transmitted by e-mail, such as spam, phishing, business email compromise (BEC), advanced persistent threats (APT), and zero-day attacks, before they reach end users.

Data Loss Prevention

Protect the Sensitive data of customers, preventing them from being stolen from workloads through peripheral devices and network communications with advanced DLP capabilities.

Safe recovery

Protect The path of revert of your backups thanks to in-depth analysis of violations. Simplify the process and reduce the cost of security by obtaining information and data about the threats themselves.

Why choose Acronis Cyber Backup?


The installation of Acronis is simple and fast: it is necessary to install an agent on the chosen device and manage the service from the dashboard.


Your data is safe inside Acronis Datacenters and continuous replicas located around the world always guarantee the availability of the data.

Save time

Reduce downtime, stay as operational as possible in the event of a disaster, and enable instant restores thanks to the industry's best RTOs.

More billing methods

Choose the billing method for Backup that best suits your business, paying per GB, Device or Allocation.

Guaranteed continuity

The simplicity and promptness with which to activate and manage backups allow you to guarantee operational continuity to your business without additional effort.

No dedicated devices

With Acronis, you don't need any dedicated device, the service is totally cloud, manageable and accessible anywhere through credentials.



What is Acronis Cyber Backup?

Acronis Cyber Backup is the integrated service between Acronis and CloudFire, thanks to which, through a single agent, you protect and guarantee business continuity for my data. With Acronis integrated with CloudFire's Cortex platform, you get an integrated backup and advanced security solution that can be managed from a single web interface.

Which workloads can I protect with Acronis?

With Acronis Cyber Backup, you can protect: physical servers, virtual servers, End Point, cloud services, mobile, applications and Web.

Where is my backed up data replicated?

The backed up data is replicated in Acronis' Frankfurt Datacenter, which has certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 5001, TIER III to guarantee security and constant compliance.

What and what are the advanced features of Acronis Cyber Backup?

The advanced features of Acronis Cyber Backup are add-ons to the basic features included in Acronis. The Advanced features are: Advanced Security + EDR, Advanced Management, Advanced Automation, Advanced Backup, Advanced Disaster Recovery, Advanced Email Security, Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Advanced File Sync and Share.

Can I activate advanced features in Agentless mode?

No, in order to activate advanced functionality I must activate and install the agent and, consequently, add one or more advanced packages.

Can I perform backup and advanced functionality in Agentless mode?

Yes, but only for some workloads. Among these are Agentless Microsoft 365, VMware Host, and Host Hyper-V backups.

What's the difference between Pay per Usage and Pay per Allocation?

With the sales method Pay per Usage I have unlimited resources available and I only pay for the actual storage consumption on an hourly basis. With the mode Pay per Allocation Instead, I buy a pre-allocated amount of resources.

What's the difference between Billing per GB and Billing per Device?

With the mode of Billing per GB I have unlimited free agents available, and I only pay for the consumption of the storage used (remote and local). While, with the mode of Billing by Device, local storage is unlimited and free, while I pay for agents and the consumption of remote storage.