SIP Account

Cloud platform to activate and manage your SIP and VoIP accounts

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Remove the boundaries of your communication with CloudFire's SIP Account

It simplifies the request and management of numbers and SIP accounts through a user-friendly and autonomous portal.

Through SIP Account, you request numbers and VoIP lines in cloud mode without any country restrictions and obtaining competitive rates.

Request numbers in one click

National and International Numbers
Individual numbers and GNR
New or in portability

Why choose CloudFire's SIP Account?

Pay per usage

No start-up costs and totally transparent billing in pay-per-use mode, to monitor your consumption.


Integrate the SIP Account easily and with a few steps to your switchboards with guided and intuitive wizards.

Quality of communication

Maintain quality and effective communications, wherever you are, with local numbers and global coverage.


It's easy to add lines to cope with the increase in calls, in complete autonomy.



What is CloudFire SIP Account?

SIP Account is CloudFire's product, available in Cortex, that allows you to request national and international PSTN numbers, New or in portability, and to activate and manage SIP Accounts for configuration on on-premise PBX and VoIP devices. It works as a voice communication channel over the Internet using the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) protocol.

Why should I buy international numbers from CloudFire?

Because CloudFire simplifies the process of requesting and transferring numbers from all over the world: it eliminates endless and complicated processes that vary depending on the country, operator and prefix and offers the best rates, call quality and advanced functionality.

How can I request and activate a SIP Account with CloudFire?

Requesting and activating a SIP Account is easy: log in to the platform Cortex, fill in the required data in the SIP Account section and manage and monitor your request independently.

What types of phone numbers can I get with a CloudFire SIP Account?

With a SIP Account you can get national and international PSTN numbers, new numbers or portability of your existing number. You have a wide range of options available to meet your business communication needs.

Can I use SIP Account numbers with any type of PBX or VoIP device?

Yes, SIP accounts created in Cortex are compatible with a wide range of on-premise PBX and VoIP devices, ensuring easy integration and hassle-free configuration.

Can I integrate my SIP account with the Microsoft Teams® suite?

Yes, through Talky Time Direct Routing you can unify your traditional communication and integrate it with a Unified Communication tool such as Microsoft Teams®.

How long does it take to get the numbers?

The delivery times of the numbers depend on the type of numbering requested. For new numbers, single or range, up to 1 business day is necessary; for individual portable numbers, up to 16 working days are necessary, while for Range portable numbers, up to 21 working days are necessary.

To carry a number which documents do I need?

To request Portability for a Numbering, you need: Migration code, Letter of Authority, Last invoice of the transferor operator showing the Numbering for which to request Portability. Any related to the numbering request can be followed by this guiding.