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Unify business communication with Direct Routing as a Service

Revolutionize your approach to unified business communication with Talky Time Direct Routing: the cloud service of Direct Routing as a Service with which you enable business calls with Microsoft Teams®.

With Talky Time you are up to date and anticipate any need for Unified Communications: a simple platform with which you can quickly integrate Microsoft Teams® into your existing communication through acloud to cloud app.

Integrate your communication with Microsoft Teams®

Quickly unify Microsoft Teams®, the Cloud Unified Communication and Collaboration tool par excellence, with your existing business communication through a cloud to cloud app.

Microsoft Teams® certified

Talky Time is Microsoft® certified, so the levels of competence and quality are high and certain. Get the reliability and security of a certified tool. Data management and compliance information is guaranteed to allow organizations to assess and manage the risks deriving from the use of our application.

Talky Time è certificato per Microsoft Teams®

Why choose Talky Time Direct Routing?

Plug & Play

Connect and activate Talky Time Direct Routing in minutes, without any hardware or physical intervention


Be free to change the resources you need at any time based on your business flow


Integrate your switchboard easily and with a few steps with the Microsoft Teams® suite with guided and intuitive wizards


Enables global coverage of your communication, to minimize latency even in the case of activations in foreign countries

Pay per Usage

No start-up costs and totally transparent billing in pay-per-use mode, to monitor your consumption



What is Talky Time Direct Routing?

Talky Time Direct Routing is a service of Direct Routing as a Service, which allows companies to easily connect Microsoft Teams® to the public telephone network (PSTN) through CloudFire's cloud infrastructure. This means a better communication and collaboration experience, no need for physical hardware, ease of configuration and use, and enhanced security.

What are the pre-requisites to activate Talky Time Direct Routing?

The prerequisites for activating and configuring Talky Time Direct Routing are a Microsoft user with Global Administrator and Teams Administrator privileges and a Microsoft license or pair of licenses with add-ons for Call and Conference (at least for the first synchronization).

If there are updates from Microsoft or PBXs, what should I do?

No problem! CloudFire takes care of all updates, both on the Microsoft Teams side® what PBX switchboards. You will always have the latest version available.

If I have a large number of users to integrate, do I need to integrate one user at a time?

Absolutely not! If you have a large number of users, you can use a Template to massively integrate all users in a single operation, unifying business telephony with the Microsoft Teams suite®.

Can I integrate Talky Time Direct Routing if I have multiple offices located and only one Microsoft tenant?

Yes, it's possible! For each tenant you can register As many providers as needed, without geographical or quantitative restrictions.

Are technical skills required to activate Taky Time Direct Routing?

No, specific technical skills are not required. The entire service uses Wizard that automate and simplify the configuration and use processes.

Are my communications safe with Talky Time?

Yes, safety is a priority for us. Talky Time Direct Routing is natively integrated with Microsoft and the Azure infrastructure. In addition, our infrastructure is hosted in Tier IV certified datacenters, which guarantee the highest levels of security.

Does Talky Time Direct Routing need to be active for all users of the Microsoft tenant?

No, you can choose to activate Talky Time Direct Routing only for users who need it. After synchronizing the Microsoft domain, you can select the users with the necessary requirements based on your needs. These users can be managed at any time through the platform Cortex.