Kubernetes backup with
Kasten K10

Ensure simple and scalable security for Kubernetes with Kasten K10

Kubernetes is increasingly the IT infrastructure platform of choice for businesses, and this is demonstrated by its unprecedented growth.
The enormous potential related to the availability of data thanks to K8s, however, also leaves room for some gaps, including the protection of the data itself.
In fact, high availability is not synonymous with backup and, given the revolutionary reach of Kubernetes technology, traditional backup tools are no longer suitable for protecting a Kuberentes cluster.

For a cloud native solution like K8s you need a cloud native backup solution: Kasten K10 by Veeam. Built with the principles of cloud native architecture in mind, Kasten K10 is built specifically for Kubernetes and allows you to capture the entire application stack while taking a consistent view from application to infrastructure.

Processo Backup & Restore di Kastern K10 per Kubernetes

What are the steps of Kasten K10?


Kasten K10 automatically discovers Kubernetes applications, their dependencies, resources, configurations, and underlying data.

Backup & Protect

Kasten K10 creates a copy of the containers and specific data, and automatically updates the backup at the times you define, ensuring complete protection on multiple clusters and clouds, and automated policies allow you to meet backup SLAs.


Kasten K10 quickly and effectively restores Kuberente applications and data to clusters, regions, and clouds you define.

Why choose Kasten K10?

Cloud Native

Kasten K10 was designed for Kubernetes, using Cloud Native architectural principles and follows the desired state model and offers declarative control.

Not only Backup and Restore

Use Kasten K10 for disaster recovery, migrations between on-premise and cloud, test and development, and protect your Kubernetes platform from ransomware attacks.

Guaranteed security

Get complete end-to-end security through enterprise-grade encryption, IAM, RBAC, OIDC, and more.

User friendly interface

Take advantage of a fast implementation and an intuitive interface or a cloud native API.



What is Kasten K10?

Kasten K10 is the Veeam data protection platform designed specifically for Kubernetes. It provides businesses with an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure system for backup, recovery, disaster recovery, application mobility, and ransomware protection on Kubernetes.

What Storage does Kasten K10 need?

Kasten K10 supports the storage of files, blocks and objects both locally and in the cloud. Kasten K10 interfaces with storage via Container-Storage Interface (CSI) and direct storage to improve efficiency.

What data does Kasten K10 support?

Kasten K10 offers pre-qualified integrations with major data sources, including relational systems and NoSQL.

How does Kasten K10's automatic application detection work?

Kasten K10 is natively integrated into Kubernetes to automatically detect all application components running on the cluster and treat the application as a unit. The application includes the state that spans storage and database volumes (noSQL/relational) and the configuration data included in Kubernetes objects, including configmaps and secrets.

Does Kasten K10 support multi-cluster management?

Yes, Kasten K10's multi-cluster dashboard provides a simple way to obtain aggregated, real-time status of critical parameters, including the total number of clusters, policies, applications, etc. In addition, you can define global policies and selectively apply them to your cluster groups to simplify the management of large scale backups through automation.