Managed IaaS

Performing and managed cloud infrastructure

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Free yourself from infrastructure management with a managed IaaS service

Simplify and optimize the management of cloud infrastructure and focus on developing your core business, without having to face the complexity of technical and operational management.
Entrust management and monitoring to services validated by CloudFire that add NOC and SOC functionality to your infrastructure.

Who uses a Managed IaaS solution?

Who is looking for a solution that integrate SOC and NOC functionality into your cloud or on-premise infrastructure, supporting those who need it in operational management and in the security of resources. Combine certified functionality and skills to support your infrastructure and don't worry about operations, focus on your core business.

Startups and companies in strong growth
Companies that want to optimize operating costs
Realities with high compliance parameters
Ongoing monitoring and support

What do you get with a Managed IaaS solution?

Increased security

Get advanced security solutions and constant monitoring to protect business data and applications.

High scalability

Quickly scale resources based on your business needs without having to make upfront investments.

Focus on your core business

By freeing resources from infrastructure management, focus on developing your offering.

Specialized technical support

Resolve any infrastructure-related issues or questions in a timely manner with a specialized team.

Optimization of costs

Eliminate the need to invest in expensive hardware and reduce the operating costs associated with managing the infrastructure.



What services are included in the Managed IaaS solution?

The Managed IaaS solution is highly customizable to meet your needs. It may include provisioning infrastructure resources, configuration, daily operational management, performance monitoring, data security, and technical support, depending on your needs.

What are the advantages of choosing Managed IaaS over a self-managed infrastructure?

Opting for Managed IaaS offers significant advantages, including reduced operational complexity, advanced security, flexible scalability, and specialized technical support. This allows companies to focus on their core business without worrying about infrastructure management.

How is data security guaranteed in a Managed IaaS environment?

Data security in a Managed IaaS environment is guaranteed through the implementation of advanced measures such as firewalls, data encryption, log monitoring and access controls. CloudFire, certified ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, together with the certifications of the Data Centers that host the infrastructure, guarantees a high level of security and compliance.

With Managed IaaS, can I customize infrastructure resources according to my specific needs?

Absolutely yes. A Managed IaaS solution allows the customization of infrastructure resources, such as computes, storage and networking, to adapt to the specific needs of each company.