Security and Network Operations Center for your infrastructure

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Detect threats and coordinate emergency interventions with SOC and NOC

Revolutionize your approach to care with automated and proactive services of NOC and SOC. Optimize preventive interventions and ensure constant monitoring of your infrastructure and relying on the best services and partners chosen by CloudFire to protect the corporate network from interruptions. Enjoy the efficiency of your infrastructure and the operation in your daily life, We'll take care of the rest.

SOC and NOC are complementary

The Network Operations Center (NOC) and the Security Operations Center (SOC) share the goal of ensuring that the corporate network is aligned with the company's operational needs. However, they do so with distinct approaches. The NOC focuses on maintaining service agreements (SLAs) and on mitigating interruptions natural, while the SOC is committed toidentify and neutralize cyberthreats that may compromise network security.

CloudFire SOC e NOC

NOC: monitor and optimize the corporate network

Transform your IT infrastructure into an always-on engine where network operational efficiency is at the core. With the Network Operation Center (NOC) service, you anticipate and solve network challenges before they hinder your success.

Network infrastructure inventory
Critical component monitoring
Resource management and optimization
Operational management and reporting
Protezione SOC

SOC: Identify and prevent threats

Anticipate and respond to increasingly advanced threats against your business with CloudFire's Security Operation Center (SOC) service and always be one step ahead. Intervene more effectively to coordinate priority interventions and prepare corrective actions by reducing downtime.

Protezione NOC
24/7 Proactive Monitoring
Management of activities and incidents
Predictive Reporting



What's the difference between NOC and SOC?

The NOC (Network Operations Center) focuses on network monitoring and management, ensures service continuity and the resolution of network problems, and offers 24/7 technical support. The Security Operations Center (SOC) focuses on cybersecurity, protects the network from threats or intrusions, and detects and responds to cyber incidents.

How can a NOC improve my business?

A NOC reduces network downtime, improves network performance and security, offers a 24/7 proactive monitoring service, and generates detailed reports for better analysis.

How can a SOC improve my business?

A SOC protects business data from cyber threats, reduces the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches, offers a 24/7 incident response service, and provides cybersecurity advice and training.

What are the costs of a NOC and SOC service?

The costs depend on many variables such as: network size, level of service required and optional advanced features.