Composable Stack Platform

Make up the Stack of native and cross-platform cloud technologies

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Composable Stack Platform is the easiest way to manage your Cloud stack

Composable Stack Platform (CSP) is the Cloud-native technology stack that frees applications into a fully managed and cross-platform CloudFire service. Use an as-a-service platform to adapt your IT infrastructure to business changes. Assemble and compose your environment based on your requests and needs through an IDP like Cortex.

How does it work?

Composable Stack Platform (CSP) revolutionize the way you deploy and manage your application environments.

CSP applies the Principle of reconciliation automatic to ensure that your environment is always in line with your requests. With his modular architecture CSP gives you everything you need to host any type of application: operating systems, middleware, databases, and more.

CloudFire's Composable Stack Platform Engine

What advantages do you have with the Composable Stack Platform?

Skills as a service

Reduce the specific skills normally needed for each layer of the stack, now you can find them as a service.

Integrated experience

Get the CloudFire experience through every solution and product from Cortex.

Guaranteed compliance

Inherit CloudFire's quality, security, and compliance criteria effortlessly.

Modular solutions

Use of the modular solutions chosen by CloudFire based on our experience.

Fully Managed Stack

Take advantage of a fully managed stack and delegate the complexity of management and the complexity of the various layers.