Talky Time - Part 1: Activation and Setup

Discover the first steps to take to activate Talky Time and manage business communication from Cortex.

Every business reality has peculiarities and needs in terms of communication and collaboration.

Evolving your communication tools does not necessarily mean not using existing ones, but integrating them. This is why Talky Time, CloudFire's Next Generation Unified Communication suite, was created, which guarantees flexibility and dynamism in business communication according to every need.

During this Talky Time Quick Start, Alberto explains to us with a technical demo, the steps to follow to properly activate and manage the service from Cortex.

Here are the topics covered:

  • Talky Time Overview;
  • SIP Account: Request and manage numbers;
  • SIP Account: activate SIP Account;
  • Direct Routing: Overview;
  • Direct Routing: Microsoft domain synchronization;
  • Direct Routing: Provider Configuration - PSTN, PBX;
  • Direct Routing: Connecting Microsoft Teams® users;
  • Conclusion and thanks.
Alberto Zanafredi
Alberto Zanafredi
Senior System Engineer, CloudFire Srl
Quick Start
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Text Link
November 9, 2022
22 MIN