Agentless backup for Openstack environments

Reduce dependency on Backup agents and simplify process management

OpenStack is universally recognized as one of the most sophisticated open source projects for the complete management of datacenters, thanks to its complex composition that includes several dozen components. Despite this complexity, modern businesses are widely adopted to meet the growing design needs of cloud platforms.

Through Storware Backup & Recovery you can use a revolutionary approach for backing up Openstack environments.

Openstack and ClouduFire Backup & Recovery Storware

What are the steps of an Agentless backup for Openstack?


Storware creates a backup or snapshot of the Openstack environment and exports the data to the staging space.


The same data is moved to a designated backup destination, our Ceph storage.

Restore and Mount

The data is inserted back into a staging space and, by mounting the backup on the Storware Backup & Recovery Node, the user can browse the files or by exposing the backup via iSCSI for access by a remote iSCSI initiator.


The data is imported onto the virtualization platform, Openstack in this case, and the VM is recreated.

Why choose Openstack Backup with Storware?

Agentless Backup

With Storware, you eliminate the need to install agents on every protected machine, simplifying the backup process and reducing time and effort.

Centralized management

It uses a centralized console that provides complete visibility and control over all hypervisors and virtual machines within the OpenStack environment.

Increased security

Storware's agentless approach has improved security by eliminating the need to access customer VMs to provide backup services.



What is Storware Backup and Recovery for Openstack?

Storware Backup and Recovery for OpenStack environments is Storware's robust and scalable solution designed to protect critical data in your OpenStack environments.

Are granular backups available with Storware Backup & Recovery?

Absolutely yes. With Storware Backup and Recovery, you can recover individual files, virtual machines (VMs), volumes, or entire OpenStack instances. This granular recovery feature ensures you can quickly restore specific data, minimizing downtime and data loss.

Are Disaster Recovery capabilities integrated into Storware Backup and Recovery?

Certainly. Storware Backup and Recovery offers disaster recovery capabilities that allow you to replicate backups to remote locations or to secondary data centers. This ensures that the OpenStack environment can be restored in the event of a catastrophic failure or interruption of the entire site.

Can I schedule automatic backups with Storware Backup and Recovery?

Yes, Storware offers you the ability to flexibly schedule and automate backup processes based on your needs. You can define backup retention policies for specific periods, ensuring compliance with data retention regulations.

Which Storage Repositories does Storware support?

Storware supports several repositories for volumes and storage, including Object Storage such as Ceph and S3-compatible Storage, such as our Object Storage, which can be enhanced with Immutability. Storware also supports incremental backups and the transfer of disk images directly from the API.