What's new CloudFire January - March 2024

What's new in CloudFire Q1

CloudFire is constantly evolving and the first quarter of 2024 was full of news for the platform Cortex What is our beating heart ♥️

In this article, we show you the innovations implemented in these first months of 2024 that have seen as objectives: improving the performance, reliability and usability of the platform.

Not only bugfixes and refactoring: in addition to the development activities visible to the user, CloudFire is committed, and is constantly doing so, to improving the efficiency and functionality of the platform under the hood. This quarter, significant progress has been made in terms of:

  • 🏎️ Performance improvement: Optimization of code and infrastructure for a smoother user experience;
  • 🔐 Security: Implementation of new security measures to protect user data;
  • ✈️ Scalability: Improved CloudFire's ability to handle an increasing number of users and data.

Under the Hood: Structural Improvements for a Stronger Cortex

The most important activity was certainly the migration of the infrastructure to a new cluster Rancher RKE2 which, thanks to its components, is more stable and performing. The previous infrastructure had some limitations due to its design that prevented DevOps and Dev Teams from implementing concrete improvements to the portal and made, in some cases, some actions on the portal unstable and incorrect.

For this reason, both Teams drew up a coordinated action plan ✅ in which they addressed phases of:

  • Analysis of the necessary activities in the complex;
  • Risk analysis and assessment;
  • Implementation of predefined activities and testing;
  • Preparation of a procedure of Roolback as a precaution, but it didn't help!

The migration was successful and the results obtained were materialized with a significant increase in Cortex performance and the improvement of the stability of the platform itself 🚀

Even if these have fully met expectations, the performance improvement activities are certainly not over! Our goal remains one: to offer you a high-performance platform as a service in line with CloudFire standards. When we realize that some features do not meet the standards we have set for ourselves, we strive body and soul to achieve them as soon as possible.

New features for Cortex 🆕 users

In parallel with the migration of the Cortex infrastructure, different functionalities have been implemented for each user. The main ones:

  • Security for Cortex Users: to strengthen the security of Cortex users, both during registration and in access and in line with the ISO Certifications we have obtained, mandatory access with Multi Factor Authentication has been added and the security policies for each user's passwords have been tightened;
  • Public Cloud: to better prepare Cortex and your experience for the other Regions soon available, the authentication system for the Public Cloud service has been revised;
  • Veeam Cloud Platform: some improvements have been made related to the Veeam APIs to make the service even more stable;
  • Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365: thanks to the API change, activation is now even easier and faster for you.

A constant commitment to quality and safety

After a journey full of changes and commitment, we have obtained the ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 and ISO 9001 certifications. With these certifications, you have additional certainty that the data within the CloudFire infrastructure and the services in Cortex are managed following information security best practices, increasing, at the same time, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of internal processes.

Concretely, this commitment is also visible in Cortex. In fact, directly from the portal it is possible view existing contracts and manage the preferences related to data processing.

CloudFire is constantly evolving for you!

The innovations of this first quarter are only the beginning of a year full of news.

In fact, the next news will arrive just in a few days and will concern the Cortex Project Manager. The services will be reorganized into categories based on your needs. Thanks to this reorganization, you will get:

  • Cortex as an aggregator of solutions as a service;
  • Greater simplicity in the integration between solutions;
  • Better, more intuitive and personalized user experience

At CloudFire, the entire team is committed to constantly improving the platform and providing you with the best possible experience to meet your needs!

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