Cortex Reloaded: un nuovo approccio per CloudFire

Ideas and innovation of CloudFire

CloudFire, has always been a dynamic and ambitious reality with a firm eye on growth and innovation, and the platform Cortex is the confirmation. Over the years, we have seen significant expansion on several fronts: from internal organization to the power of services and technologies offered.

In this article we discover the like And the why we considered it necessary to change the pace within CloudFire and consequently in Cortex.

CloudFire 🧠 expansion and improvements

In recent years we have grown and our commitment is reflected not only in the number of collaborators in the Team, but also in the work environment that we have created. The move to a new, more spacious and bright headquarters has accompanied us in continuous innovation.

In terms of data security, we have obtained certifications that confirm our commitment to providing our customers with greater peace of mind regarding the security of their data and operations.

Finally, the Cortex platform has been enriched with new features and services that have made it necessary to expand theDatacenter infrastructure on which Cortex is based, thus ensuring reliable and scalable performance.

Cortex evolves 🚀

Our main goal with Cortex has always been simplify access to complex solutions and technologies through a “as a Service” model. This approach still allows users to take advantage of advanced technologies, optimizing time, resources and valuable skills. This approach still allows users to take advantage of advanced technologies without the need to dedicate precious time and resources.

The integration of as a service solutions on Cortex mainly offers transparency, predictability of costs and operational autonomy. This, in fact, frees users from contractual and skill constraints, allowing them to focus on innovation and business growth.

Over the years there have been several steps in this direction and it can be seen from the transformation of Cortex himself.

Cortex Interface - old and new

In the market and in the Cloud era, where IT infrastructures move to remote platforms and managed by external providers, the challenges for those who manage IT resources increase exponentially. Furthermore, the lock-in effect of large providers, in terms of costs and services, limits the innovation of those who have understood that the Cloud is an essential tool in every reality.

For this reason, an as-a-service portal with an engine Cloud native that aggregates and automates the deployment of complex services and technologies is the solution.

Continuing to pursue the same goal, Cortex has been updated in recent months to be even more:

  • an aggregator of constantly evolving as a service solutions;
  • a platform that guides the user through complementary solutions within it;
  • a space where you can add third-party solutions in as a Service mode.

Concretely, through Cortex, requests for cloud infrastructures and services become even more manageable and scalable with solutions as a service, with easier implementation and monitoring than other providers.

How has Cortex changed? 💫

Following these motivations and guided by the requests of our current users, the services available on Cortex have been reorganized into categories. This allows you to immediately identify where to find the services that can meet your needs.

New Cortex Interface CloudFire

Infrastructure as a Service — IaaS

The Infrastructure as a Service category includes all the products necessary to create the cloud infrastructure according to your needs in which to release business critical applications.

Soon they will also be available on Cortex:

  • vSphere as a Service thanks to which you integrate the power of a cloud infrastructure dedicated to the flexibility of vSphere;
  • Bare Metal as a Service through which you deploy powerful and dedicated servers in datacenters in a few minutes

Backup as a Service

The Backup as a Service category includes all the products available in Cortex to replicate, archive and restore your data off-site.

Among those available today you will find:

  • Acronis Cyber Backup for an integrated backup and cyber protection solution for all your workloads;
  • Veeam Cloud Platform for a simplified Veeam Backup solution complete with infrastructure and space in Cloud CloudFire.

Soon available on Cortex also Storware Backup & Recovery through which you reduce addiction to agents by activating a Agentless Backup.

Unified Communication

The Unified Communication category, on the other hand, includes all the products that make it possible to overcome obstacles related to business communication in as a Service mode.

  • Talky Time Direct Routing thanks to which you integrate communication with the Microsoft Teams® suite in cloud mode and in a few minutes;
  • SIP Account from which you can request national, international, individual or GNR numbers and create a SIP account or trunk to be used in the switchboard of your choice;
  • 3CX to host the 3CX switchboard in a Cloud infrastructure that is always updated and protected without effort or skills to acquire.

What's Next? 💥

We are working hard to integrate additional solutions and categories. Among these:

  • Collaboration for business collaboration tools such as Qbox Email;
  • Network as a Service to establish connectivity in as a Service mode and access your Cloud services in a high-performance and secure way;
  • Managed Services for managed services that you can activate directly in Cortex. This will allow you to get rid of managing some services secondary to your business and focus on your core objectives.
  • Composable Stack Platform and I will group all the services closely related to Cloud Native and Kuberentes technologies;
  • Database as a Service to identify the database technologies available from Cortex.

As I said at the beginning, CloudFire is not a static entity, but rather very dynamic and attentive to the requests of Cortex users. This means that this update will be followed by many others. Just consider it the first step! Stay tuned!

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