Acronis Cyber Backup - Part 1: Activation and Configuration

Find out what are the first steps to take to activate Acronis Cyber Backup to better manage and use the service from Cortex.

Acronis Cyber Backup is CloudFire's solution useful for protecting company data in a simple and reliable way, with a tool capable of combining functional and intuitive backup as a service with advanced Cyber Security features.

In this Tech Talk, Davide discusses the first steps to take for the correct use of Acronis Cyber Backup.

  • Service activation on Cortex;
  • Acronis Overview;
  • Agent registration and detail;
  • Creation of a protection plan;
  • Assigning plan to the VM;
  • First backup;
  • Recovery mode.
Davide Ciliberti
Davide Ciliberti
System Engineer, CloudFire Srl
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October 5, 2022
18 MIN