CloudFire and Acronis: the Cyber Protection Solution

Discover the benefits of an integrated solution to protect your data

Choosing the security solution that best suits your customers and your reality is an increasingly common and current need. CloudFire enters the world of security alongside a historic partner like Acronis.

With Acronis Cyber Protection, or the union of Cyber Security and Data Protection Get data protection and cybersecurity to eliminate complexity, provide better protection against today's threats, and maximize efficiency while saving time and money.

During this event, we discuss and deepen the protection approach adopted by Acronis, to select and organize its IT assets with the objective of ensuring sustainable business continuity.

The event agenda includes:

  • Introduction and partnership between CloudFire and Acronis;
  • Cyber Protection Cloud: technology and focus related to Security;
  • Key Features related to Enterprise Backup;
  • National and international case studies;
  • Active promotions.
Roberto Bondavalli
Roberto Bondavalli
CEO & Founder, CloudFire Srl
Gianluca Gravino
Gianluca Gravino
Sr. Solution Engineer Southern Europe EMEA, Acronis Italia Srl
Gilberto Bonutti
Gilberto Bonutti
Sr. Cloud Sales Manager Southern Europe, Acronis Italia Srl
Tech Talk
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May 18, 2022
60 MIN