Acronis Cyber Backup - Part 2: Advanced Disaster Recovery

Learn the steps necessary to properly configure Acronis Recovery and Disaster Recovery with Acronis Cyber Backup.

The issue of business continuity goes hand in hand with data protection, for this reason knowing how to properly configure a Disaster Recovery plan is essential. Through the functionality of Advanced Disaster Recovery than Acronis Cyber Backup you can simplify and speed up the failover of multiple devices in the event of an emergency, reducing the risk of disaster. With this functionality, you automate and make it easier to restore systems in the right order, maintaining the interdependencies between applications on different devices.

Davide, in this Tech Talk, explores topics such as:

  • VPN appliance configuration;
  • Recovery server configuration;
  • Live demo disaster recovery;
  • Fallback and recovery methods.
Davide Ciliberti
Davide Ciliberti
System Engineer, CloudFire Srl
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October 6, 2022
18 MIN