What's new August & September in CloudFire

What's new CloudFire - August and September 2023

The quiet before the storm... Here, this expression represents exactly August and September in CloudFire ⚡️

It's true we were silent for a few weeks, but we imagined it.. The expectations of a “quieter” August and a more dynamic September full of news, have been decidedly respected! ✅

So let's review together the fundamental developments of Cortex and the CloudFire Team in these two months:

Veeam Cloud Platform and Microsoft 365 Backup Beta 💣

It's now available in Cortex: Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365, the Backup as a Service service useful for simplifying the management of backup operations for Microsoft 365.

Activating Microsoft 365 Backup beta In fact, you eliminate the risk of losing access and control over your Microsoft 365 data including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams, and ensure that these are always protected and accessible by whoever you want.

Veeam Backup Microsoft 365 Interface
Activate the Microsoft 365 Veeam Backup feature

But, let's get to the point.. What prompted us to add this important functionality to the Veeam Cloud Platform is obviously the goal of offering a service As a Service and Pay per usage, simple to use Ed implementable in a few clicks. Definitely in line with our approach, Microsoft 365 Backup allows you to connect to your Microsoft 🔗 domain, easily choose the users 🧑🏽👩🏽 and the resources to protect 💻, restore your data 🔄, all in complete autonomy and above all combining the power 🦾 of Veeam with the scalability and reliability 🦿 of the CloudFire infrastructure.

In fact, in perfect CloudFire style, you will find, within the service, an intuitive wizard that will help you:

  • Connect Veeam to your Microsoft 🤝 organization To complete this first step, we simply ask you to check that you have the necessary requirements for activation and start preparing a good coffee ☕️ to be enjoyed at the end of the two steps.
  • Create the organization and activate the Restore Portal. Here, all you need is to give the OK and complete the activation.

A small spoiler: we are already planning an improvement 🪄 of the activation procedure that you It will notify 💡 at its completion!

Once the service is activated, you will be free to:

  • Create Backup Jobs for Microsoft 365 resources from the Veeam Service Provider Console;
  • Manage on Cortex the Scheduling of the Jobs created;
  • Access the Restore Portal to restore backups;
  • Managing the administrators who will have access to your organization's backups.

Backup for Microsoft 365 is available on Cortex within Veeam Cloud Platform, which, in this period, has undergone a slight restyling and a reorganization to improve your user experience!

🎨 Veeam Cloud Platform Restyle and Reorganization

The release of Microsoft 365 Backup has led us to some considerations about the organization of Veeam Cloud Platform and, for this reason, we have moved some elements within the service.

Nuova interfaccia Veeam Cloud Platform
Restyle Veeam Cloud Platform

Today you can find Veeam Cloud Platform divided into:

  • Cloud Connect: this is what allows you to enable the protection of your off-site data in the CloudFire cloud repository and use the rest of the features, unlocking access to the Veeam Service Provider Console and Veeam Cloud Connect;
  • Backup Resources: from here, however, activate the complete backup solutions for cloud, virtual, physical and Saas workloads that you need; monitor the status of the backups made and choose the billing method you prefer;
  • Disaster Recovery: this is the section from which you plan and manage advanced Disaster Recovery as a service plans, reducing complexity through the integration of Cortex and Veeam Cloud Connect;
  • Microsoft 365 Backup: we've already anticipated everything before! 🆙
  • Rental Licenses: from which you activate Veeam licenses for complete backup solutions, managing and modifying them in a simple way and on demand;
  • Settings: from this section you can manage the general settings of the service.

⏰ We're still working to further improve your experience on the Veeam Cloud Platform, Stay Tuned for the next updates!

So with September, Q3 came to an end, opening the doors 🔜 to the last quarter of 2023! The coming months will be full of events and important activities that will create the basis for 2024 and of which we can't wait to update you! 🚀 As always, let us know your opinion hither.

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