Giulia tells us about Veeam Cloud Platform

How to get the resources, infrastructure, and reliability of Veeam with a cloud and completely as a service approach

Data protection is the first step in keeping applications and services safe from any contingency. It is therefore essential to be able to have the data at any time and easily.

At CloudFire, we choose Veeam as our backup solution because it fully embraces the added value of our services. Veeam stands out for features such as reliability, experience and advanced functionality; qualities that we wanted to combine with our approach by creating Veeam Cloud Platform.

Giulia, in this Tech Talk, tells us what led us to choose Veeam and goes into detail about the solution we offer: a completely as-a-service and immediate service.

Come and discover how, directly from the Veeam Cloud Platform dashboard, you can:

  • Request licenses for any edition;
  • Log in to Veeam Cloud Connect and Veeam Availability Console;
  • Monitor the status of the jobs;
  • Define a disaster recovery plan;
  • and much more.
Giulia Trinceri
Giulia Trinceri
Account Manager, CloudFire Srl
Tech Talk
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July 28, 2022
30 MIN