Talky Time: combine business communication with Microsoft Teams®

It simplifies the approach and easily combines the potential of business numbering with the Microsoft suite.

In a market as varied as it is saturated with communication tools, the main challenge is to find a unified solution that, responding to the continuous evolution of the IT world, guarantees flexibility and dynamism to each business reality.

Choosing effective business communication, on which to rely and from which you have the possibility to instantly activate numbers, accounts, users and integrate them into the Microsoft Teams® suite becomes a unique tool.

With Talky Time, the next generation Unified Communication suite developed by CloudFire and available on the platform, apply the cloud approach to the world of business communication. The result is a simple, fast and intuitive suite that meets any business communication need.

Come and discover how, through Talky Time, you can request national and international numbers, integrate existing PBXs, Account and SIP Trunk To the suite of Microsoft Teams® and how to improve the management of your business communication and that of your customers.

During this video, you'll see:

  • Introduction;
  • Who is CloudFire;
  • Today's business communication scenarios and needs;
  • Talky Time: approach, functionality and potential;
  • Live Demo;
  • Q&A.
Massimiliano Testoni
Massimiliano Testoni
Account Manager, CloudFire Srl
Tech Talk
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June 28, 2022
40 MIN