CloudFire at MIX Salotto 2021

'National Cloud' Technical Session

The National Cloud was one of the main themes at Mix Salotto 2021. It refers to the project that aims to create the Cloud infrastructure for all Public Administration services in Italy.

Roberto Bondavalli, CTO and Founder of CloudFire, together with Alessandro De Losa, CEO of Babylon Cloud, and Alberto Szakvary, Equinix Senior Sales Engineer, spoke and explored the topic with industry experts. In particular, they involved the public through questionnaires related to the power of Open-Source technologies.

In particular, invited together by CloudFire, Jimmy McArthur, Senior Manager of Community & Business Development at OpenInfra Foundation, spoke, who was able to highlight the advantages deriving from Open Source technologies precisely in application to the National Cloud. Jimmy also reports a case study for which Openstack becomes the cornerstone for the American government.

  • Introduction;
  • What is the National Cloud?
  • Survey: What advantages do you see today on the Open Source standard?
  • Opensource and Cloud: Jimmy McArthur of OpenInfra Foundation presents the Openstack Community;
  • OpenInfra and CloudFire: “Opensource for the National Cloud”;
  • Case study “ORock: Openstack for the American Government”;
  • Reflections on the advantages and limitations of the opensource approach;
  • Akamai intervention: data security and sovereignty for National Cloud operators;
  • Intervention at the University of Turin: Training and Open Source are we ready?
Roberto Bondavalli
Roberto Bondavalli
CEO & Founder, CloudFire Srl
Jimmy McArthur
Jimmy McArthur
Senior Manager of Community & Business Development, OpenInfra Foundation
Tech Talk
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Case Study
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February 8, 2022
40 Min