What's new June 2023 in CloudFire

What's new CloudFire - June 2023

As is often the case in our sector, there are some periods with more burning activities, events and updates 🔥 and others less so, June 2023 is lucky to be both.

During the past month, in addition to moving to a new location 🏠, several members of the CloudFire team participated in numerous events ✈️ including: AWS Summit and KDC Italy in Milan, SUSECON 2023 in Munich and BeConnected Day 11 in Bologna.

Each event has allowed us to collect and share information and skills necessary to develop and improve services and functionalities that are already available in Cortex today and to take a look at the future, also based on market demands.

As always, let's see what's new in Cortex and what we brought home from these events:

📧 Email Service Migration

In order to continue offering you a complete and efficient Email service, we have migrated 🛸 the Email service to the platform Qboxmail, maintaining the simplicity and professionalism that characterizes all our services.

To date, you will not find it available in the menu items where the Cortex services are listed, but it will be available soon ⌛

We can confirm that the new Email service maintains all the functionality of the previous service, such as the management of domains, mailboxes and Alias, distribution lists, also making available some important Enhancements, including:

  • Email Security 🛡️: all email boxes will be accompanied by an innovative and unique Email security system, useful for protecting your company from malware, phishing, spam and other malicious material;
  • 🎮 Control Panel: a single whitelabel console from which to manage email accounts, domains and users from which you can give management autonomy to both your collaborators and your customers, maintaining maximum security and privacy;
  • Backup and Email Archive 🗃️: each box includes Mail Time Machine, the email backup service and an archive service to keep all messages sent and received for 10 years without space limits;
  • 💻 Webmail : you can access company emails, contacts and calendars at any time and place, obtaining a unified and consistent experience on all your devices.

📅 Off Topic - Events

Like every year, June is reconfirmed as a month full of events and summits 🎆 These, accompanied by a mild and sunny climate, are the perfect excuse to pull the strings of industry news, technologies on the market and meditate on future developments that, as usual, start again quickly towards the end of summer.

Here are the events we attended:

  • AWS Summit ☁️
    The annual event dedicated to Amazon Web Services ☁ services: a day full of technical and business sessions to learn more about how the cloud is enabling opportunities for innovation and digital transformation for companies of any size or sector.
  • KDC Italy 🍕
    The first Italian event in the Kubernetes Community Days series that some of us attended in Milan. A moment to share the know-how and experiences of relevant figures and enthusiasts of the Cloud Native world.
  • SUSECON 2023 🦎
    We moved away to Monaco to participate in the event that featured SUSE and its services. Surely Rancher is the tool that makes our eyes sparkle the most, especially when it comes to managing Kubernetes clusters on a large scale.
  • BeConnected Day 11 📞
    Finally, another event in Italy in which we participated as a sponsor. In fact, in nearby Bologna, the Italian community's reference event on Microsoft and its Cloud services was held, a perfect opportunity for participants to learn about Talky Time and its functionality for integrating traditional telephony with the most used Collaboration suite in the world.

We can't wait to update you in August with July's developments and news! 🚀 As always, let us know your opinion hither.

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