A valuable partnership: the EasyTech case

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EasyTech is an IT company based in Parma, whose core business is to present itself to the customer as a partner able to follow and manage the entire IT infrastructure, optimizing and proposing investments aimed at the evolution, growth and improvement of business IT processes.

The first approach between EasyTech and CloudFire dates back a couple of years ago thanks to Acronis. With what was initially born as a simple relationship of buying a service, until it evolved into a real partnership full of shared projects, ideas for improvement and opportunities.

In this case study, let's review together what were the first steps of this Derby on the contrary (editor's note for those who don't know, Reggio Emilia and Parma are historic opponents, especially at the soccer level) and let's find out together what are the future prospects and expectations of this one, to date winning, collaboration.

EasyTech - Manuele Landini, I BELIEVE

When we met Roberto, Giulia and her team seemed smart and close to our needs for support, assistance and with a desire to build a real partnership. After the first experiences, we began to discover the other services, adopting CloudFire as the central point for the delivery of all our cloud solutions.

CloudFire - Giulia Trinceri, Account Manager

I had been working at CloudFire for a few months, and I had recently entered the IT sector, when I met Manuele and Fabio. I had been very positively impressed by their energy and their desire to explore. This prompted me to believe a lot in this partnership and to want to involve them when new solutions came up to ask for their opinion and have a discussion. Like us, they too have an eye for innovations, we share the same 'hunger' for new systems and solutions that leads us to always be projected beyond the comfort zone of what is already being used. Precisely thanks to their propensity, they have become our 'allies' in the challenges we face and we involve them often and very willingly.

Business Challenge

The Confesercents Parma case

The first challenges faced together mainly concerned small virtual machines from migrate to Cloud. Once we picked up the pace, we moved on to the more complex ones.

One of the most recent and demanding migrations is certainly that of the customer Confesercents Parma.

Since the infrastructure, initially hosted on another Cloud Provider, was rather complex as there were VMs with extremely old operating systems, both Linux and Windows, some of which could not be upgraded for particular configurations and releases of the now obsolete software. This caused quite a few complications and slowdowns. In short, it was a great challenge!

Migrazione dati in Cloud

The first approach to understanding how to manage the migration was to jointly study its feasibility and start a test environment in which to check the reliability of the systems on the new infrastructure. After the tests were completed successfully, here we simplified it but we worked for weeks to find the solution that would optimize performance and guarantee the security of the applications, we moved on to the production environment, overcoming together the obstacles that had presented themselves.

From that moment on, Manuele says, we have noticed a common perspective. Our relationship was not simply 'I do a job and you pay for my care'. At CloudFire, they realized that if we could solve the problem together, we would both gain. The main philosophy that unites us is mutual growth, win-win. This value has made our partnership ever stronger.”

The EasyTech case

As anticipated, the partnerships Born that has grown over time and still is continues to evolve, is a gradual collaboration that has progressed gradually along the way. Allowing us to learn more about realities and to increase mutual trust.

The CloudFire Partnership Program was created precisely with the purpose of getting to know its partners in depth, from whom to draw tips to be able to offer them the best IT solutions capable of anticipate market needs and consequently to satisfy the IT problems that afflict end customers. With EasyTech, the purpose of the Partnership Program has been fully achieved with a natural and transparent process.

A concrete example of bilateral growth was certainly the introduction of CloudFire Services White Label, which was not expected until the beginning of this collaboration.

Confronting Manuele, who explained to us how important it was to be able to make your identity transparent through the profiling of services, we introduced the possibility to brand the Cortex portal. EasyTech, in fact, stands out for the graphic customization and branding of its services that make them extremely recognizable.

Obviously, EasyTech was the first partner to test the new functionality for branding the portal and then also for personalizing the URL.

Partner Portal CloudFire brandizzato EasyTech

Future Projects in synergy

So far we have talked about what we have achieved (we have given you a 'brief' summary) but now we want to give you a brief preview of some ambitious projects What do we have in”yard”.

The first concerns the service EasyMail Store Cloud, a service provided with Mailstore software on a virtual cloud infrastructure (CloudFire): activated, managed and maintained by EasyTech. The idea is to implement this As a Service solution in the Cortex Marketplace. The work will be equally distributed and will see CloudFire take care of the integration with the APIs and the portal, while EasyTech will manage the entire software part. This solution will reach all users enrolled in Cortex, expanding EasyTech's customer base and, at the same time, will enrich CloudFire with a new simple and secure product.

The second preview we make concerns Autotask PSA and the integration with Invoices in Cloud. After a first feasibility analysis, we agreed that it was possible not only to carry out the integration but also to make it scalable. Therefore, the implementation of the project will open up a further scenario with the opportunity to publish the solution on the Invoice in Cloud Marketplace.

Caso CloudFire e EasyTech


For both CloudFire and EasyTech these years of collaboration They found Concreteness in the projects and services created, with transparency and mutual respect. Potentially we are two realities that could be competing in some aspects, however this exchange of skills, trust and clarity it has led us to confront and listen to each other. The result is evident from what we have presented to you, we have both grown both in terms of experience and offer, reaching two different targets in the same sector.

All these are the characteristics behind a winning partnership that has worked very well to date and that we hope will last a long time.

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