CloudFire at KubeCon Paris 2024:10 years of Kubernetes

KubeCon Europe Paris 2024

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon, the most important event for the CloudNative community, celebrated the tenth anniversary than Kubernetes in Paris with an edition full of news and food for thought.

As already done in the past with KuBeCon North America 2022 In Detroit and KubeCon Europe the premiere of Valencia And then to Amsterdam, Fabio and Alberto, taking the place of CloudFire, enthusiastically participated in the Paris edition, confirming our commitment to the development and adoption of Cloud Native technologies.

KubeCon Paris 2024: CloudFire's point of view

The mood has changed compared to the first editions in which we participated: more and more subscribers (about 12,000 from all over the world), the big names are making their way more and more by offering their services based on community projects and Kubernetes is now standard at the infrastructure level.

Even if a lot is different from the first event, there is still an air of news and, as always, we want to highlight what were the most important issues for us.

Below is a series of talks that we recommend watching:

AI and Large Language Model (LLM): the future of Cloud Native

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Large Language Mode (LLM) were among the most important topics at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe. In fact, several talks have explored how these technologies are already the basis of LLM models and consequently use them to improve the efficiency and scalability of Cloud Native applications.

In this context, in our opinion, the most interesting points of view to explore are:

Security: a priority for Cloud Native

Security is a fundamental aspect for any system, simple or complex, and Cloud Native is no exception. In fact, at KubeCon 2024, several talks and workshops were presented on how to protect Kubernetes clusters from threats and vulnerabilities. In our opinion, the talk that attracted the most viewers was definitely Keep hackers out of Your cluster with these 5 simple tricks: whose title has in fact not betrayed our expectations.

Data on Kubernetes: a consolidated reality

The use of Kubernetes for managing persistent data is a well-established reality. At KubeCon 2024, several use cases and best practices were presented for using Kubernetes with databases and other storage systems.

Certainly interesting and full of ideas, the comparative talk between Main Operators for managing the Database lifecycle. In fact, during the talk, the potential of various operators, with many years of experience and not, is highlighted. Among these CloudNativePG, of which CloudFire is a partner, proves to be the best operator for Postgres Database.

Multitenancy and Kubernetes: a growing trend

Until recently, the ability to run multiple applications from different tenants on the same Kubernetes cluster was difficult. However, at KubeCon 2024, the discussion went from”whether” to”like” address this scenario, efficiently and optimizing costs.

Particularly interesting, related to this topic, was the talk by Katie Gamanji, Senior Field Engineer at Apple entitled Revolutionizing the Control Plane Management: Introducing Kubernetes Hosted Control Planes which involved, among others, the guys from Clastix.

In addition to these main topics, other topics of great interest were also covered at Kubecon 2024, including:

  • Cost reduction with Open Source tools such as Keda;
  • Adoption of strategies for the reduction of energy consumption;
  • WASM (Web Assemble): the new container that promises even better performance;
  • Advanced monitoring.

What will the future of Cloud Native be?

Some prominent personalities from the Kubernetes community and large corporations give us their point of view on what awaits us in the next 10 years in this Keynote that we recommend you watch.

On our side, at CloudFire we are convinced that the future of Cloud Native Be in the name of simplification, and this is why we believe that the value of Cloud Native lies in making the adoption and accessibility of these technologies as simple as possible for everyone. We have already been working on it for some time now, and it is on this direction that the next news will focus!

Like the previous ones, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024 was also a highly successful event that confirmed the vitality and innovation of the Cloud Native world. In your opinion, how will the Cloud Native world evolve in the coming years? Tell us yours!

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